Doors - The Movie

Any madness has its rules

A Sci-Fi Comedy

This film was finished, but unfortunately, not in our dimension...

We all walk through doors all the time, often not noticing them. But every time we do, we end up some place other than we’ve been before. Sometimes it’s another room, and sometimes it’s another world…

Will you know the difference? And can you always come back?

Genre: Sci-Fi / Comedy

Log Line: Heartbroken hacker suddenly finds himself in a bizarre world, and has to use his skills to discover what really happened and how to find his way back.

Theme: Any madness has its rules. However crazy the world may seem, you can always find patterns and logic that can be used to achieve your goal.

Stage of development: screenwriting


Inception date: August 2010

Expected screenplay: sometime in 2011

Expected production: late 2011 – early 2012

Should be done before the end of the world.