Sergey Berezin

Independent Filmmaker. Director, camera operator, editor, VFX artist, screenwriter. A guy in cool glasses.

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Doors Are Real!

One of the premises of our story is that there are many universes that interact with each other, and occasionally exchange objects. For an uninitiated observer it would look like someone inexplicably is leaving objects behind, or taking your stuff away. And guess what? It was only a matter of time to discover that this …

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Beats – Board – Go!

The Board image

This time we are doing it “buy the book”. I mean, “by the book.” Anyway… Save the Cat is close to our hearts in title (we have a cute cat of our own!), so we figure it would be good for us. And maybe for the cat. After “beating it out” we discovered what we’ve …

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Christmas Peeve

Guess what have we been doing when most people are busy getting drunk and unpacking their gifts, so they know what to return to the store next day? Yes, exactly. Working on the script. Actually, not really. Not so fast. We’ve been reading up on how exactly should we be working on the script. That …

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First Draft Burned

It is a middle of the dark night for our souls, as the first draft has been typed, backed up on a remote server somewhere in an obscure Midwest town (in case of a killer earthquake in California), and a realization dawned on us that this is not going to fly, that the story sucks …

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Doors Detected

After many years of intensive research on various unexplained phenomena, UFOs, ghost sightings, and mysterious¬†disappearances¬†of small objects (TV remotes, car keys, etc.), we have come to a definite conclusion. The Doors exist. They are real. Open your mind. The journey has begun…