Christmas Peeve

Guess what have we been doing when most people are busy getting drunk and unpacking their gifts, so they know what to return to the store next day? Yes, exactly. Working on the script.

Actually, not really. Not so fast. We’ve been reading up on how exactly should we be working on the script. That means, reading books by smart people who have previously written scripts and know how it should be done. Or, possibly, those who tried to write the scripts, figured it’s not really their forte, and decided to teach others how to do it instead. Whatever makes more money, makes more sense, I guess. But we are sufficiently clueless at this point not to tell the difference, so here we are.

Oh, and by now we know exactly what is wrong with our story, but don’t quite yet know how to fix it. Yeah, we’re working on it. Don’t you worry.

Keep unpacking. Merry Christmas. See you in the credits.